Operationally Available

TSP Name: Equitrans, L.P. (TSP: 189569585)

TSP/TSP Name: Posting Date/Time:
Effective Gas Day/Time: Meas Basis Desc:
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Loc Loc Name Loc Purp[3] Loc / QTI[2] All Qty Avail DC OPC TSQ OAC Flow Ind[1] IT Desc[4] Qty Reason Operator Name Cycle

IT Indicator (Only used when Avail. Capacity equals zero)

1.) A portion of the capacity at this location is interruptible

2.) There is not interruptible transportation utilized at this location.

Design Capacity quantities represented are based on meter design and modeling studies.

This information is subject to change and will be updated as needed. Design/Operating Capacity may not be available at all times, or may be greater than reported, based on variable operating conditions, including daily no notice service, hourly swings, imbalance management, and facility outages.

Storage Design Capacity is based on capacity versus space and will change as inventory levels change and will be updated as needed.

1 Flow Indicator
BD – Bi-Directional

D – Delivery

E – East

N – North

R – Receipt

S – South

SI – Storage Injection

SW – Storage Withdrawal

W – West

2 Location/Quantity Type Indicator
DPQ – Delivery point(s) quantity

MLQ – Mainline quantity

RPQ – Receipt point(s) quantity

RDQ – Receipt point(s) to delivery point(s) quantity

SGQ – Segment(s) quantity

SIQ – Segment(s) quantity

STQ – Storage quantity

SWQ – Storage withdrawal quantity

3 Location Purpose Description
MQ - Delivery Location
IJ - Injection Point
MV - Mainline
7S – Pipeline Segment defined by 1 location (or first of 2 locations)

NQ – Pipeline Segment defined by 2 locations (or second of 2 locations)

M2 – Receipt Location

SB – Storage Area

QR – Withdrawal Point

4 IT Indicator Description
N - No
Y - Yes

*This data represents data available within the last 3 months. For prior data to this time period, please contact your customer service representative.