Capacity Release

TSP Name: Equitrans, L.P. (TSP: 189569585)

View Details Releaser Name Releaser Rel K K Holder Name K Holder Svc Req K Affil Perm Rel Desc[1] Prearr Deal Desc[2] K Beg Date K End Date K Qty-K Ibr Ind K Stat Desc[3] Amend Rptg Desc Post Date/Time

1 Permanent Release Indicator

1 – Capacity is being permanently released

2 – Capacity is not being permanently released

2 Prearranged Deal Indicator

1 – Offer is not subject to a prearranged deal

2 – Offer is subject to prearranged deal

3 Contract Status

A – Amended

C – Corrected/Updated: Data for the contract has been corrected or updated (not requiring an amendment to the contract).

N – New

*This data represents data available within the last 3 months. For prior data to this time period, please contact your customer service representative.