Index Of Customers

TSP Name: Mountain Valley Pipeline, LLC (TSP: 062498393)

Max Daily Quantity stated is for effective date of report.


The FERC required Index of Customers file can be accessed through the download link listed above.
Row Type Col01 Col02 Col03 Col04 Col05 Col06 Col07 Col08 Col09 Col10 Col11 Col12
H Pipeline Name[a] Pipeline ID Code[b] Report Date[c] Original/Revised Indicator[d] First Day of Calendar Quarter[e] Unit of Measurement for Transportation MDQ[f] Unit of Measurement for Storage MDQ[g] Contact Person & Phone Number[h] Footnote Id[i]      
D Shipper Name[j] Shipper ID[ya] Shipper Affiliation Indicator[yb] Rate Schedule[k] Contract Number[yc] Contract Effective Date[l] Contract Primary Term Expiration Date[m] Days Until Next Possible Contract Expiration[n] Negotiated Rates Indicator[yd] For Trans, Max Daily Quantity[o] For Storage, Max Daily Quantity[p] Footnote Id[q]
A Agent or Asset Manager Name[ye] Agent or Asset Manager Affiliation Indicator[yf] Footnote Id[yg]                  
P Point Identifier Code[yh] Point Name[yi] Point Identification Code Qualifier[yj] Point Identification Code[yk] Zone Name[yl] For Trans, Max Daily Quantity[ym] For Storage, Max Daily Quantity[yn] Footnote Id[yo]        
F Footnote Number[r] Footnote Text[s] (Footnotes are located at the end of the report)

F Footnote Number [r] Footnote Text [s]

*This data represents data available within the last 90 days. For prior data to this time period, please contact your customer service representative.